Wish List

Please consider collecting and/or purchasing new or gently used items or toys to assist us in our goal to provide the best care for our children…

Everyday “Disposable” Items to Collect (Free):

coffee cans, egg cartons, baskets and bins, tupperware with and without tops, extra rubber maid containers and tops, shoe boxes, ice cube trays, pringles can, cardboard boxes, oatmeal containers, small items for sorting (think about what you put in a party goody bag): cars, bracelets, little action figures, bears, poker chips, checkers pieces, pop beads, etc with lots of color, puppets, solid color cloth or vinyl tablecloths

Specialized Therapy Items: (Don’t forget to use Amazon Smile and choose TTP as your charity to earn extra $$ for TTP!

Therapy Items:

  • Baby toys (please provide toys that may be easily cleaned by wiping down or washing in the sink, and please no stuffed animals/toys)
  • 3,4,5 step sequencing games
  • Dress-up clothes – kids’ costumes as well as simple boys’ & girls clothes with buttons & zipper options
  • Gift Cards (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, ITunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble/Book stores)
  • Double fitted sheets

Highly Consumable/Everyday “Purchased” Items:

  • Laminating paper
  • Velcro – 2 piece
  • Baby Wipes, Facial tissues
  • Office Supplies:  Postage, Copy Paper, files folders, pens & pencils, post-its,
  • Cleaning Supplies (Clorox wipes, Windex, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, paper towels, etc)
  • Art supplies:  Construction Paper, glue sticks
  • Laundry Detergent (perfume and dye-free)
  • Band-aids, alcohol wipes

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