TheraSuit Method Referral Process

THERASUIT at TTP is currently on hiatus.  Check back as we hope to be providing TheraSuit in the near future!


Thank you for your interest in the Therasuit Method®!

Please read the TheraSuit Parent Summary info and the checklist below for further information on how to get your child started receiving this innovative therapy program.

Below is the list of steps required for your child to participate in this program:

  1. Please complete the  medical screen form (email completely and thoroughly and return to us by mail (3620 Covenant Road; Columbia, SC  29204) or  fax (803)787-0300 .  We cannot proceed without receiving this completed form.
  2. After the completed medical screen form is received in our office, our therapist will contact you by phone to review the information and to make a preliminary decision as to whether your child is a good candidate for the Therasuit Method®.
  3. If it is determined that your child is a candidate, you will receive a call from our scheduling coordinator to set up the initial 1-hour evaluation in our office. The fee for this evaluation is $100, due at the time of the evaluation. If your child is approved to start the program after the initial evaluation, the $100 will be applied to the deposit required to hold your child’s spot on the schedule.
  4. If your child is cleared to participate in the program, there is a $1,000 non-refundable deposit required to hold your child’s spot on the schedule. Our scheduling coordinator will speak with you before you leave the initial evaluation appointment about the fees, scholarship opportunities and schedule openings. Please understand that the $1,000 deposit is required before we can put your child on the schedule.
  5. As funds allow, we provide $1,000 scholarships** for families approved for TheraSuit Method®, based on their financial need (see Scholarship application).
  6. If your child is cleared to participate, you can complete the scholarship application at your earliest convenience and return to us for consideration. You will be contacted by our office regarding our decision.
  7. The remaining balance is required to be paid 2 weeks prior to the scheduled session start date.
  8. Please be on time for all scheduled Therasuit Method® appointments. Please bring healthy snacks (such as yogurt, nuts, cheese sticks etc.) and beverages (water, 100{345c9b4af3458377fd727073b2e47d11dc8428eabed2a503d953e61e346be1f9} juice, Gatorade etc.) for your child each day as the TheraSuit Method® is intensive and your child will require extra rest, nutrition and hydration during his/her 3 week session. Please dress your child in comfortable clothing.  Cotton form fitting pants are best.
  9. If your child currently receives Physical Therapy in our office on a weekly basis, those appointments will be put on hold until the end of the three week TheraSuit session due to the intensity of the TheraSuit Method®.
  10. Parents and/or caregivers are welcome to stay with the child throughout the session unless the therapist determines it is a distraction for the child.
  11. Please feel free to contact us at 803-787-3033 if you have any further questions after reading these steps.


The Therapy Place requires payment for TheraSuit Method from the family in full before the program begins.  Some families have been able to get reimbursement from commercial insurance by submitting receipts and documentation provided by TTP.  Most insurance does not cover TheraSuit Method.

But please do not give up hope!  Families have found some pretty inventive ways to pay for this therapy by doing their own fundraisers – from golf tournaments to car washes, GoFundMe pages to band parties.  It is truly amazing to see the community support one of their own!

In addition, The Therapy Place provides $1,000 scholarships when funding is available.  We also direct families to two outside scholarship opportunities:  Danielle’s Foundation and United Healthcare Children’s Foundation.

Applications for all three funding opportunities are attached.  Web sites are as follows: