For Parents

The Therapy Place was started by parents so we are sensitive and understanding of the unique circumstances of raising a child with special needs.    Entry in our programs:

Therapies require a doctor’s prescription

The Therapy Place accepts Regular/TEFRA Medicaid, BlueChoice Medicaid and Absolute Total Care.  We are not in network with any commercial plans but are a Medicaid-based facility.  We are required to file any private/commercial insurance (if applicable) before Medicaid, the payer of last resort.  If your child does not have Medicaid, you will be considered a private pay patient.  We provide a 25{345c9b4af3458377fd727073b2e47d11dc8428eabed2a503d953e61e346be1f9} discount for paying at the time of service (no billing required) and we will provide you with a receipt to submit to your private insurance for possible reimbursement.

Your child may qualify for TEFRA Medicaid based on his or her diagnosis.  When applying for TEFRA, your CHILD’s income is considered, not that of the parents.


Bridges Preschool requires a developmental screen and meetings with our staff


Family Support Programs are available to children who attend therapies or the Bridges Preschool.

Please call us for support or answers.  We’re here to help!