Family Fun Days

The Therapy Place is committed to providing both therapeutic and recreational opportunities to both children and their families. Family Fun Days are held once a month for Therapy Place families to have a positive outlet and experience as a family, and learn about resources and opportunities available in the community.

Upcoming Family Fun Days:

September 30th- Meal Prep

October 14th- Pumpkin Patch

November 17th- Parents Movie night (Wonder)

October 21 — Ray Tanner Home Run, our 6th year participating!

July 29th– Family Fun in the Sun (Riverbanks Zoo splash pad)


June 25, 2017– Father’s Day at the Park (Fireflies game for the family)

IMG_5080                             IMG_5081

May 13, 2017– Mother’s/Grandma’s/ Aunt’s Spa Day

FFD5                              IMG_4978

April 22, 2017 — Egg Hunt

IMG_20170422_102620893 IMG_20170422_105019657