Family Fun Days

The Therapy Place is committed to providing both therapeutic and recreational opportunities to both children and their families. Family Fun Days are held once a month for Therapy Place families to have a positive outlet and experience as a family, and learn about resources and opportunities available in the community.

Upcoming Family Fun Days:

September 30th- Meal Prep

October 14th- Pumpkin Patch

November 17th- Parents Movie night (Wonder)

July 29th– Family Fun in the Sun (Riverbanks Zoo splash pad)


June 25, 2017– Father’s Day at the Park (Fireflies game for the family)

IMG_5080                             IMG_5081

May 13, 2017– Mother’s/Grandma’s/ Aunt’s Spa Day

FFD5                              IMG_4978

April 22, 2017 — Egg Hunt

IMG_20170422_102620893 IMG_20170422_105019657