Celebrating #7YearsofSmiles

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brynn cupThis infectious smile belongs to Brynn. Autism has not stopped Brynn or her mother from reaching for the stars for her! Brynn is a graduate of our Bridges Program and now is excelling in her schoolwork at home with mom. She is learning to increase her attention span through yoga poses with her occupational therapist and continuing that concept with her ballet lessons. It is fun things like yoga and ballet along with games such as obstacle courses that help Brynn focus her attention on learning larger concepts like reading and writing. Brynn and her family also participate in TTP’s Family Fun Days. We like to see smiles from the whole family here at The Therapy Place, Inc.!


enzo t

Celebrating #7YearsofSmiles — Enzo loves attention and hugs and with that sweet, bright smile, he has no problem getting them both! He is so smart and reads above his grade level! His autism diagnosis has inhibited his social skills and makes it difficult to express himself. All of his therapists work to help him learn appropriate responses in a variety of environments by practicing these social skills in each discipline of therapy that he receives. He can now express his wants and needs effectively. Grandmother is a huge support for him carrying over all the skills taught to him in therapy. Again, this family is very involved and finds comfort in all that we offer here at The Therapy Place.

LanaCelebrating #7YearsofSmiles — Lana is 9 years old and has been coming to The Therapy Place for 3 years now. Lana has cerebral palsy and a big smile! One of her favorite things is playing ball with her friends – her eyes light up and she is a social butterfly! Any games using hand/eye coordination and sitting up on her own help her trunk control and fine motor skills. She is a strong-willed young lady, so anything she puts her mind to, she will eventually accomplish!

Celebrating #7YearsofSmiles — Joshua loves trains, the splash pad and books! Diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder and Autism, his occupational therapist uses these loves to work on his fine and visual motor skills and attention to tasks. What that means for Joshua is that he is learning to dress JBrown at splash padhimself, buttons, zippers and all! He is learning to write his name and his attention span is definitely increasing! Joshua and his family are so active in all that happens here at The Therapy Place. They have connected with other families through Family Fun Days, Kindermusik, Coffee Talk, our annual fundraising events and every Family Conference we have had. Joshua is having a great time here at the Family Fun Day in July of this year at Waterfall Junction, the splash pad at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

DSC_0703Celebrating #7YearsofSmiles McKenzie was born at just 24 weeks with a NICU stay of 5 months before coming home. She has a G-Tube in which she receives most of her nutrition, but is learning to bite and chew solid food. Her favorite snack is Goldfish, and who doesn’t love those? McKenzie has been with us for 3 years now and her progress has been remarkable! Her gross and fine motor skills have greatly improved and she is now talking and telling us how much she loves her new little brother. At The Therapy Place, she works on feeding to help her consume more calories to grow big and strong. This young lady is not just cute but she is determined as well!

Here’s what your donation can do TODAY:

$1,000 will provide a family a one ­month scholarship to the Bridges preschool program
or a partial scholarship for the TheraSuit Method program.

$500 will buy adaptive walkers, bikes and exercise mats for therapies.

$230 will purchase a specialized tire swing

$100 will purchase a specialized device for several children to use for communication.

$50 will buy various utensils and materials to help children with self feeding.

$25 will help purchase arts & crafts supplies, or cleaning supplies to keep our facility germ-free.