Bridges at The Therapy Place


Mission: The Bridges preschool program at The Therapy Place is a holistic, therapeutic approach to child development. We employ the skills and expertise of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, as well as educators, parents, and other staff. The main goal of Bridges is to encourage independence, cognitive development, and socialization. We believe in using a transdisciplinary approach to meet the individual needs of the whole child.


Routine: The routine of Bridges is centered around independence. Children are constantly learning from their environment. Some children may need assistance as we continue to teach gross and fine motor, and communication skills necessary for independence. We encourage learning independently by allowing time in the day for children to make choices and explore their environment. The other main focus is socialization. Children not only learn from the staff, but the other children in the program as well. We encourage creativity, play, and communication with peers. Throughout the day the children participate in music, art, and other cognitive development skills like learning colors, shapes, and writing.

Check out the Bridges class using assistive technology!

For more information on the Bridges Program check out FAQs!

To start the enrollment process, or with any specific questions, contact Mellie Boozer, Bridges Program Director.


Financial Information:
Tuition for the upcoming fall semester (2016-17 school year) is $12,000 for full-time and $7,200 for part-time.   Fees may be paid monthly at $1,000 FT or $600 PT.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors  and participants in our fundraisers, tuition is assessed on a sliding scale, not to be lower than $250FT/$150PT per month. Families may apply online at

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