Vision & Mission


All children with special needs will have every opportunity to pursue  his or her goals, realize his dreams and reach his full potential.
Every parent or caregiver of those children will be provided with information, resources and encouragement in order to best support his or her child.


To provide traditional and innovative therapies and recreational opportunities  for children with special needs in an environment that is family-friendly,  to include resources and education for the parents/caregivers.


The Therapy Place will:

* Provide an additional pediatric therapy center in the Columbia area for children to assist with waiting lists for therapies

* Provide physical, occupational and speech therapies to assist children in their growth and development

* Provide innovative programs, once only found elsewhere in the state or beyond, that will benefit the children in our area, while also eliminating the financial burden of travel

* Partner with organizations to conduct research on the validity of these innovative therapies to encourage their acceptance by the medical community, with part of our goal being to obtain full or partial insurance and Medicaid coverage

* Conduct fundraisers and apply for grants in order to provide financial assistance to families for their child’s therapy needs

[Innovative therapies are often not covered by insurance.  We provide scholarships to families, as needed and available, to assist with out-of-pocket expenses. Donations marked as “Scholarship” will be designated for this purpose.]